And fell in with a group of fantasy fans who shot RuneScape's surroundings as badly as I did. Those friends and I formed a roleplaying guild, addressing each other as"Sir" or"Lady," and proposed our summer evenings around quests that will further our plotlines. It was just one part improvisational acting, two components storytelling, and three components shyly getting to know each other as players outside RuneScape.

As my parents did not know I was playing Runescape with people, there were not any rules to govern my behavior. My very first guild melted away when the school year began and I found another, then yet another, every time hammering out the internet abilities that would come in handy as the social media became the new standard for teens in the mid-00s.

I really don't know why I stopped playing with Runescape. At some stage I'd done all of the free quests, lost track of my guildmates, and just moved on. My itch for enjoying video games was nowhere close scratched -- I used my money from bussing tables in high school to support a World of Warcraft habit and finally, at age 24, bought myself a damn Playstation -- but Runescape no longer holds me in its influence.

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