I really don't know just why I stopped playing with Runescape. At some stage Ilost track of my guildmates'd done all the quests that were free, and moved on. My itch for enjoying video games had been nowhere near scratched -- I used my cash from bussing tables in high school to encourage a World of Warcraft habit and eventually, at age 24, purchased myself a damn Playstation -- but Runescape no more holds me in its influence.

Well, perhaps it does. For this very day I have a preference for fantasy video games. I like dragon-slaying, potion-swilling adventures with lots of side quests and maps to explore. I enjoy leveling up individual skills and studying crafting trendy armor for my character and anything that lets me as I go. In addition, I devote a great deal of time online, connecting with people on social media, talking about matches, and making online friends who've gone on to hold enormous psychological significance in my life.

Runescape was an early introduction to the internet would eventually become, and though it brought me in with all the promise of fun and fantasy, it finally gave me a head start in learning the principles of participation for an increasingly online societal landscape.

Oh and when my parents are reading this. That is what I had been doing in the cellar all that time. Knowing what we know about the world wide web, maybe we can agree that I could have been doing a lot worse. May you are guided by the light of Saradomin.

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