Runescape Game's Economy and Ecology

What did RuneScape Gold players do when they began to achieve these echelons?


What did RuneScape Gold   players do when they began to achieve these echelons? With very little reason (unlockable material ) to tediously mill away at high level skills - aside from increasing the high scores for its own sake - RuneScape players switched to PvP. And when they found their mid high level primary account was really terrible for Pvp in their battle bracket, they made a pure. Maybe pures, for battle level ranges and different fighting styles. All financed by their main. For a lot of men and women, end game content simply supported novelty alt accounts and their pures.

"AltScape" gets used pejoratively nowadays, because they are often used to simply do dailies, farm TH/oddments, bypass GE limits, etc.. However, I think that the prevalence of alts was a testament to just how many different ways there were to play RuneScape game. And I think that it was excellent for RuneScape game's economy and ecology. I mean folks used to conduct character for as little as 1-2k per excursion, sometimes at the air altar.

I guess I am beginning to drift off to other tangential issues... but what I am essentially saying is:"EfficiencyScape" is now the most popular style of play. Has it become popular? That is kind of the wrong question. The real question is"Why was not it popular " And the answer is: Since training was a mill, and there was not to unlock at levels that are higher significant content. When this was true, people did not care about being efficient, and messed about doing pvp. Now that RuneScape match is effective enough for the average person having a job/school to maximum and there is incentive (high-level articles ) for maxing, people do it.

I don't have a solution. We can not go back and take end-game content away. Old School Runescape Gold   game has just evolved into something else. Into a beatable game. It wasn't beatable earlier, except for a handful of individuals that are Zezima-caliber who apparently had no need to eat, sleep, or have work. Now, however, it's beatable for nearly anybody. And people are currently beating it. I blame the beersz, if that did not make a little bit of sense.