They would be forced to compete with 2K

They would be forced to compete with 2K

Because 2K clearly came out on top, they gave up. Maybe they figured since they had been doing Madden since 2001, they'd be much better off sticking with what they had already established. But here, they'd have nowhere to hide. They would be forced to compete with 2K. Plus, 2K does the WWE games, which McMahon owns. Who the Madden 20 coins fuck does not want TWO soccer games to play with? I am sick of those MUT updates. Like, nobody asked for a MIGO's MUT update... Imagine including mumble rappers at a sports match as a characteristic and believing you are giving the players what they asked for.

Multiple football games would be great, so would a college football game. I agree with you about the condition of Madden. I really don't play MUT and won't buy another madden game at full price if at all. The one thing that I find somewhat shocking anymore out of EA Madden is that they haven't attempted to rebrand to fall the royalty prices for the Madden name.

Madden is cover to win, but may be fun. 2k with sports gambling, not fun at all anymore. It is pay to win and fun is not even a consideration. Have you ever played with my career? They upgraded Madden to reduce the total amount of VC you make a game. Then it was made by them. And of course, you can not have a consistent jump shot without buying boosts. Madden is exactly what you just said, however a mf may pay me $20 and wouldn't play 2k20. You dont want the fosters tho, it might make it easier, however they arent needed. The grind is what makes it enjoyable, keep playing play with your abilities, would you rather be given a 99 ovr player from this gate along with score100 pts yourself every game?

Yea, madden is straight trash in the vs mode that is standard, cheese as fuck. 2k20 really takes a little more creativity, perhaps not as much as real life basketball, but groups really feel distinct inside their play styles. And the 2k players dont fully dismiss defensive assignments such as in this vid.

I vow madden CPU's have no IQ when it comes to calling timeouts

You would think by today Madden CPU could have more detail programming to get game-time scenarios, rather than one"hustle down 17 or less inside of 1:01, differently play normally" scripted light switch and that is it. As if soccer is not complicated in the 4th quarter. It bugs me when I'm only up 1pt plus they utilize that strategy in buy Mut 20 coins the playoffs/ superbowl. To hustle inside of 2min not go before the cause at it. Makes the win sense less accomplished when the AI is simply being dumb to some level that would get a head coach fired after Madden.

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