There's at least one example of a player stopping

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But now, as World of Warcraft Classic has welcomed a new flood to buy wow gold classic of players unaware of the dumb diction nuances we found in 2004, there is a simmering language war occurring in the Alliance capital cities of Ironforge and Stormwind every night since DM abbreviators and VC abbreviators go at it at every zone's General Chat. During my travels through Classic, I've witnessed these General Chat fire wars over abbreviation habits, and the conflict spills out.

"VC is stupid as fuck and if you think DM is somehow going to be miss known (sic) because [Dire Maul] you're as dumb as a brick, but who the hell cares it is only 2 letters to refer to some fucking dungeon call it MD for all I care," writes one participant. "Deadmines has been VC," writes a second participant, linking into a photo of their first WoW guide. "Here is my real, fact-based evidence. The original guide from 2004. VC is listed for Deadmines. DM is not."

In-game, there's at least one example of a player stopping a guild after they were informed by his entirely well-meaning guildmates they had been a DM organization, not a VC company. The word,"Truly, we predicted it VC," has been co-opted as a parody of die-hard gamers eager to mansplain dungeoneering lingo to younger players, in a really"you need a high IQ to understand Rick Morty" type of manner. It's even obtained the haughty Steven Crowder"Change My Mind" treatment. The controversy that has gone all of the way to the top. Kevin Jordan, an game designer who worked on the first World of Warcraft, fielded the query during one of his Classic Twitch streams.

I haven't been totally immune to this madness. I may or may not have dropped my head at someone at Elwynn Forest general discussion after they had been pushing this concept that people only started calling Deadmines VC on personal servers.Dude, no. I was there.However, I have read some fascinating theories concerning why all of this confusion began up. For starters, Alliance in vanilla and I played with with, and some people on Reddit have discovered that DM was a Deadmines shortening on the Horde side, a few of that patois never baked in, and as Westfall was a ways from Orgrimmar. 15 years later, some of cheapest wow classic gold players roll Alliance for Classic, and here is our wonderful mess. I've also heard people asserting that a capitalized"DM" identifies Dire Maul, while a lower-cased"dm" is Deadmines, a sort of galaxy-brained solution I can not help but admire.